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About the Institute

PeterMax's business career was concentrated in Global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He served as General Manager of Degussa Chemical’s NAFTA and South American Biotechnology group, International Director of CNS products for Bristol Myers, and Global Director for Cardiovascular products for G.D. Searle. In these roles, he developed and led global marketing and sales teams, and was considered a new product launch specialist. He has “on-ground” healthcare business experience in 40 countries and “virtual” experience in an additional 50 countries.  Dr Miller’s passion for adult education matches his passion for all outdoor activities. He taught snowboarding in Colorado at Keystone Ski Resort, pursued marathon running and competitive bicycle road racing in 7 states, and has competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Most recently, in November 2023, he won the 6-hour World Time Trial Championship, Senior Category for cycling. 

Beyond teaching and consulting, PeterMax is actively involved in speaking engagements for Organizations, Colleges, and Universities. He is an award-winning instructor in the three universities he has taught in.  

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