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Implementing a Complex Strategic Plan

Implementing a Complex Strategic Plan

Complex sports provide an example of how every individual contributes to the success of the strategic plan. The 2024 Tour de France begins June 29 and finishes July 21. There will be 22 teams consisting of 8 riders, a minimum of 17 support staff, 10 vehicles, 27 road bikes, 400 musettes (food bags), 1,000 energy bars/ 1,500 gel packs, and 2,000 water bottles. There are many different goals and strategies to achieve goals. As you can imagine, the Strategic Team Plan (think corporate-level plan) is complex and comprehensive and will describe the team's mission, vision, and values.

The next-level strategic plans of each supporting group (think business unit or departmental plan) will be detailed to accomplish and support the Strategic Team Plan. For example, at least 3 of the support staff will be mechanics and they will have a detailed plan for maintaining parts inventory, nightly maintenance, location of spare bikes, and mechanical assistance moving along the route for the most efficient availability at all times. The support staff responsible for feeding the riders will have a detailed plan to secure the right foods, prepare them according to individual rider specifications, and deliver them to the riders at the correct times. 

The implementation of the strategic plan depends upon every individual in the organization as I previously described. The details required to support the Strategic Team Plan will continue to become more detailed as it is supported throughout the organization. The above photo is from the 2023 tour's Caleb Ewan's bike. his team, Team Lotto Dstny, took the extra level of detail in reminding their riders of their accountability in maintaining nutrition and water during the race. Each rider was provided his custom sticker according to gels, nutrition bars, with or without caffeine, and color-coded water bottles with electrolytes and nutrition.

How is your organization's strategic planning and implementation process? Has your plan been detailed into easily understood accountability, for each individual, to support the organization's plan?

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