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Strategic Planning & Implementation

Strategic Planning & Implementation

One of the "top of the list" things organizations do every year is strategic planning. For the most part, we are good at it!  An organization’s strategic planning model is often a hybrid of “the way we always do it” and supplemental information employees bring from their academic business degrees and we use the process to define our mission, vision, resource allocation, and goals for long-term success. If we are good at strategic planning, why do leaders estimate 60 to 95 percent of plans fail? 

The most important part of organizational strategy is not in the development of the plan. It is the plan's IMPLEMENTATION! Business schools do not teach the "experience" of implementation. Every member of the organization needs to be aware of the implementation of the strategic plan. Every member needs a detailed plan that supports the overall strategic plan of the organization. The key to successful strategic plans is to recognize that every member of the organization is a contributor to the success of the strategic plan and how they contribute! 

The Strategic Planning and Implementation Institute organizes the entire strategic process into four key elements: Leadership, Business Intelligence, Plan Development, and Plan Implementation. It is the implementation element that organizations need the most innovative ideas and coaching. We often seek outside consultants to lead our planning process. Yet we leave implementation to "the way we always do it" and get the same results. How is your organization's strategic planning & and implementation process? #strategy

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